How They Made The Cover

After we select a division and city for the Orange cover, the search is on for our cover associates. We look for regional associates throughout the Company who represent our values, display leadership skills and, above all, will let their orange-blooded spirit shine through the lens. Get to know them and learn why they’ve chosen to grow their careers in an orange apron.


Jessica Perez
Store Manager
Store 3827 | Elyria, Ohio

Jessica is energized by our Company’s culture and how associates live our values daily. When she accepted a role as an asset protection specialist at Store 6857 in Cleveland, it became the first move in a 10-year — and counting — career that has exposed her to multiple roles in stores across the area.

The key to Jessica’s success has been building relationships, she explains. “If you have the people part, it makes it that much easier to be a good leader.”


Christopher Mendoza
MET Supervisor
Store 3847 | Rocky River, Ohio

After a string of unsatisfying temporary jobs (and some nudging by his wife), Christopher landed a job in our aisles. Six months later, he was encouraged to apply for a Merchandising Execution Team position. His career took off from there.

“My MET supervisor saw something in me,” Christopher recalls. When a supervisor position opened up, he went for it. “I figured even if I didn’t get it, it would be good interview experience.” But the job was his — and he learned the value of thinking about what’s next. That’s his advice to other associates: “Set goals. Reach those goals. Every goal I’ve set, I’ve attained.”


Tevante Betts
Merchandising Assistant Store Manager
Store 3842 | Highland Heights, Ohio

Tevante was a student at Cleveland State University when he became a THD cashier. He took the job because it fit his class schedule, but our Company’s culture convinced him to build a Home Depot career.

Tevante became a lot associate, then worked in the Flooring department as an associate and supervisor. He’s now a merchandising assistant store manager. He credits his success to being there for other associates. “Just be their friend. Support them,” he says. He’s proud of his own career trajectory, but says his most rewarding moments on the job happen when his associates prosper.


DaJuan Clemons
Asset Protection Specialist
Store 3820 | Cleveland, Ohio

DaJuan became an asset protection specialist in 2017, after leaving a similar role at another company. The first difference he noticed at The Home Depot? The integrity of associates. “I trust the people I work with,” he says with a smile. “It’s a breath of fresh air!”

Now DaJuan is looking ahead to what’s next; he’d like to become a multi-store asset protection manager. He plans to get there by working hard and staying the course — a strategy he recommends to any associate hoping to grow a Home Depot career.


Tonya Thompson
Labor Management Data Clerk
RDC 5120 | Van Buren, Ohio

Tonya joined The Home Depot simply because we were hiring. But our culture and career opportunities have kept her around for seven years.

She started on the floor, working in receiving inbound freight. She took advantage of opportunities for advancement and ultimately became a labor management data clerk, a job in which she can grow. “My goal now is to become an expert in my current role,” she says. “I also want to train associates around me.” Her advice for them: “Attitude is the most important thing. Always have a good attitude.”


Marylin McCormick
Merchandising Assistant Store Manager
Store 8981 | Chardon, Ohio

Seventeen years ago, Marylin was a teenager who wanted a car, not a career. “I started as a cashier for the summer,” she recalls with a laugh. “I figured a couple months of work would get me the cash to buy a car.” After her first store meeting, she was hooked. “I got to cut thread pipe and use the saw in Lumber, and I just thought that was really cool.”

Marylin’s love of learning has forged her path with the Company. She trusted leaders who saw her potential, even when she didn’t — particularly for stretch assignments. She encourages other associates to take a chance, too. “Sometimes I have to say, ‘Have I done it? No. But can I do it? Yes.’”