Destination: THD

  • Store 7149 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    Craig with Karine Boudreau, Jeff Kinnaird and Sofia Mejia

  • Store 7257 - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Craig with Debbie Farrell, Joel Stenabaugh and Jeff Kinnaird

  • Store 7118 - Orleans, Ontario, Canada
    Craig with Greg Werthman and Jeff Kinnaird

  • Store 1913 - Mount Prospect, IL
    Utpala Patel with Will Green, Andy Lee and Richard Goodrich

  • Store 3502 - Albuquerque, NM
    Craig with Margarita Selgado, Tim Hourigan, Belinda Hootman, Tom Spahr, Darrien Green and Mary Westcott

  • Store 6544 - Alamo Heights, TX
    Craig with Tony Regalado

  • Store 6701 - Elk Grove Village, IL
    Sharon Bethell with Crystal Hanlon and Craig